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The USAF also used AM linears. I have a Rockwell Collins 648B-1 amp that was 
used in the Looking Glass program. It uses a big GE tetrode with 2500W plate 
dissipation in a cavity and operates in the 350 MHz region.
Ive also been told that Air Force 1 uses a similar AM linear.


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>> I seem to remember that the aircraft radios we used during the 60-80s in
>> P-3s/C-130s etc (ARC-94/102 aka 618T) had a
>> selection called AME (AM equivalent).  It was explained to us (pilots)
>> by the techs that it wasn't a
>> high level AM, but USB with carrier.  It sounded OK, but then again, it
>> was designed for communications
>> and not "easy listening"!  All the airways communication now days is
>> SSB, so the AME position rarely
>> gets selected.
>> Perhaps someone is familiar with that mode and can expand on it.
>> 73 Tom/W4OKW
> Aircraft VHF radios still use full carrier AM.  I have a small Radio Shack 
> portable with the aircraft band, and there is a lot of AM traffic on it. I 
> purchased it mainly to use as a tool for sniffing out power line noise. 
> The reason they use AM instead of FM is the capture effect of FM.  With 
> AM, when a strong signal is on frequency, a weaker one can still be heard 
> under the stronger one.  It would be a catastrophe waiting to happen if 
> aircraft used FM radios and a stronger signal completely overrode, 
> particularly near a busy airport.  Also, I seem to recall something about 
> SSB being less than satisfactory due to the  shift in frequency due to the 
> Doppler effect, with high speed jet aircraft.
> Don k4kyv
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