[AMRadio] WAS:Carrier with one sideband - NOW: Aviation Radio

rbethman rbethman at comcast.net
Sat Feb 9 14:13:40 EST 2008

Do not take this wrong, BUT, I cannot discuss what the B-52 may or may 
not have installed.

I'm retired Military, and still do DoD Contract work.

Bob - N0DGN

Bob Macklin wrote:
> Curtis LeMay with Art Collins instagated the change to SSB for HF in the
> late 50's.
> Does the B52 have a SSB HF radio? If so, from when?
> Bob Macklin
> Seattle, Wa,
> "Real Radios Glow in the Dark"

Bob Bethman/NØDGN/BC-610/Northern Radio 
SP-600 Manassas, VA - MultiBand Dipoles

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