[AMRadio] National IF, RF transformer find

John Lawson jpl15 at panix.com
Sun Feb 10 03:11:50 EST 2008

   Rearranging some things in a storage unit - I found some forgotten 
boxes - full of 1945 National spares for the "R" model series.

   These are NIB, in the original WWII packing, cardboard outer box, 
heavily waxed inner box, foil barrier...  unless noted otherwise.

  Prices are $10 each plus USPS charges - each box is about 8 ounces or so 
- can ship in Flat Rate Box. Zip 89403 or 89706 (Carson City, NV) I will 
also ship any other way you wish - just ask!

   I'll happily consider multiple quantity pricing for 'bulk' sales - up to 
all of them in one sale - or just one, whatever is your pleasure.

Please respond to me Off The List - please do not just hit "reply" - 
please email me PRIVATELY - this is not an auction, it's first-come, 
first-served until they're all gone.

        Here are the markings on the boxes:

B-121 RBJ series H. F. Osc. 0.9 - 2.o MC  SA 847   (quan 3)

B-141 RBJ series H. F. Osc. 100-200KC     SA 859   (quan 8)

B-145 RBJ series H. F. Osc. 50-100KC      SA 863   (quan 16)

E-115 RCE series H. F. Osc. 50-100KC      SA 52-S  (quan 7)

G-97  RDG 2nd RF 1.7 - 3.5 MC             SA 1740  (quan 9, 1 opened)

G-104 RDG 1st RF .54 - .9 MC              SA 2755  (quan 11)

  These are in the usual National commercial parts box:

A-86 RAO-7 IF transformer 2nd IF input 455KC T121 SA 41-E (quan 1)

A-87 RAO-7 IF transformer DET input    455KC T122 SA 41-C (quan 1)

T-103 IFCO-2  marked on can itself: RAS 2N     (quan 2)

   All of the above $10 each for 1 or 2 - less each for quantity buy.

  Also found:

  National insulating shaft couplings:

   In National plastic bag

TX-1 Shaft Coupling (phenolic)  (quan 1)  $2.00

TX-8 Shaft Coupling (ceramic)   (quan 1)  $2.00

No box/bag - but NOS:

1 5/8" OD ceramic with threaded panel-mount bushing  (quan 1) $4.00

Please contact me OFF-LIST about these parts - Please do not reply to the 
entire List - email me privately  - this is not an auction - if I was 
gonna auction 'em, they'd be on eBay... but that might not get as many 
National radios back on the air...  ;}

  Thanks for plowing through the all this Stuff!


Carson City

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