[AMRadio] Using Heath SB 610 Monitor Scope to monitor modulation

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The SB 610 monitor scope is one of the best all around performers for the
money you can still buy today.  I have two, one connected to the plate of
the 2nd IF on an NC 300 for monitoring the incoming signals and for transmit
it monitors a Ranger driving an SB 220 on AM.

The second on is connected to the grid of the 2nd detector stage on my 75A4
to monitor incoming signals and also watch my transmit signal on a Bauer 707
converted to 75 meters.

Hard to imagine a more versatile inexpensive monitor scope available now
days as they sell for anywhere from $60.00 to $80.00 on eBay and else where.
If the face plate is good, cabinet paint is available from a couple of
sources and if needed  to match a vintage IF strip 455Khz IF cans are cheap
and plentiful at Tubes and More in Phoenix for less than $3.00.

One word of caution, every one I have owned has had the 1600V mylar caps go
bad, so if you buy an SB610 order some replacements ($12.00 from Mouser) and
replace them first.


All the Best

Ron Weaver   W6OM


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Anyone experienced at using Heath SB 610 Monitor Scope
to monitor the modulation pattern of the outgoing
signal of an AM transmitter?

I need to have session  to discuss the application of
the SB 610 to that operation.

Please email me directly for such a discussion. Your
assistance in understanding the application and
process will be greatly appreciated. Thanks and 73,
John, K5PGW 

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