[AMRadio] Using Heath SB 610 Monitor Scope to monitor

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Mon Feb 11 18:49:45 EST 2008

To anyone considering an SB 610 or 614, keep in mind they must be 
constructed to match the IF frequency of the receiver to which they will 
be interfaced.

Some of them were built to work with the Heath receivers with the 3 meg 
IF and those that were built for 455 Kc. had the coils that would do so.

If you find one for with the 3 Kc IF coils, it won't work properly with 
a NC 300 or NC 183D for example.  Heath packaged the coils for both with 
the units and the builder chose which he wanted.  I doubt you will 
receive the coils that were not used during construction.   Check them 
out before you find you have something that won't work with your 


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