[AMRadio] Ranger driving SB220

Gary Blau gblau at w3am.com
Mon Feb 11 19:44:53 EST 2008

You can lower the power in a couple different ways.
Lower the screen, run the PA on the low HV, attenuate the RF, etc.

If you're driving an amp there's no advantage to running full power in 
the Ranger.  In fact, you give up a lot of potential positive peak 
modulation capability, if that's important to you.
I vote for lowering the screen and making it adjustable.
Second would be running the PA on the lower HV rail.

There are numerous articles on line for modifying the Ranger to do these 


Patrick Thompson wrote:
> How did you go about getting the RF drive from the Ranger down to a level
> usable by the SB220? I'm thinking about something similar to get to the
> 200-250 watt carrier level (or 800 to 1000 pep AM). I'm guessing the amp
> won't need much more than 10-15 watts drive (40 to 60 watts pep AM) leaving
> a little headroom.
> I thought about a homemade pad but that's a lot of heat to throw away. Maybe
> a 3db pad and turn the drive down a little?
> I could lower the screen voltage but it would be nice to have the rig full
> power when barefoot.
> Can you get by with just lowering the drive and microphone gain?
> Pat
> wa4tuk

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