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Mon Feb 11 22:47:56 EST 2008

Yes, the VKII uses a pair of 6146s and it has a 6AQ5 adjustable screen 
clamp tube.
I see no reason to wast power with an attenuator and there is a sweet 
spot in the final current thru the mod iron that requires a less than 
full rated final current to avoid saturation.
  It seems to me that a fine adjust here would allow power reduction for 
use with an amp and also enable fine tuning the final current without 
reducing optimum drive current when used barefoot.

Just an idea. I like the ability of the DSB transmitters like the HT 
37, FT101,etc to lower the output power without having to retune the 

Bill, KB3DKS

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From: W6OM

Good question, I have not restored any Viking II's or set them up to 
an amplifier but as I recall they have a pair of 6146's in the final 
than just one don't they?

All the Best

Ron Weaver   W6OM


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