[AMRadio] Replacement Tubes

Ellen Rugowski ellenjoanne2003 at sbcglobal.net
Wed Feb 13 15:23:01 EST 2008

I don't know about the Chinese 6L6GB (other than some guitarists have had godd results with them soundwise,  and some have siad they were a waste of money). but I do know about the Chinese 6146Bs.  As long as the plate voltage is relatively tame (say 700 volts & below), you shouldn't have any problems,  If it's high, then you're asking for trouble.  I know this first hand.  I have a Kenwood TS-820, that the Philipps 6146Bs were shot in.  The Kenwood 520, 820, 530 & 830 series, run about 800 or 900V on the plates.  I installed a set of Chinese 6146Bs in it.  When I powered up the heaters, and keyed up, the plates flashed over on me.  As a result, I had to change our a couple of smojked resistors on the High Voltage board (very few Kenwood users have had anything other than bad results with Chinese 6146Bs).  BUT, by the same token, when the 6146B went bad in my Globe Scout 680, I tried out my now gathering dust 6146Bs in it, and it worked fine (the Scout only runs 560V on the
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JT Croteau <jt.n1ese at gmail.com> wrote:
  Some misc. tube questions..

Can 6L6GC be substituted for 6L6GB?

Are Chinese tubes worth the cost savings they generally bring? I need
to replace a pair of 6L6GB's and a 6146B.


JT Croteau, N1ESE - Manchester, NH (FN42gx)
Contest Manager, TARA Skirmish
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