[AMRadio] Trico colortop fuses.

Rick rickb at tx.rr.com
Wed Feb 13 16:15:02 EST 2008

Oops!  I didn't notice the call.  Sorry, Max.  Thanks Todd for the reminder.
I wonder if mine are rated 220 vac?  If so, and they will work I will gladly
send you your needs, Max.


Guys, I'm not sure if they have Home Depot or Lowes in the UK. Then
there's that whole 115/230V/weird plugs thing. (o:

Max, I got a bunch of these off ebay a couple years back (100 or so,
15A) since several old transmitters in the radio room use them. I'd
suggest watching there, as buying them through an online business
could end up costing a lot if you don't buy a large quantity. Then
there's the shipping. Some of the wholesale folks on ebay are only too
happy to sell you as many as they can 'cheap', to get rid of them.

73, Todd  KA1KAQ

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