[AMRadio] 6V6 vs. 6L6

Ken Zuercher hepcatrevival at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 13 18:16:44 EST 2008

Not to beat a dead horse, but a 6v6 used for audio can
be replaced by a 6L6. The 6L6 has a lower plate
resistance so an output transformer for a pair of 6V6s
will support a pair of 6L6s as the 6V6 plate
resistance is about 10K per pair where the 6L6 is
about 5K per pair. I have put 6L6s in many Fender
guitar amps to replace the 6V6s until I could get new
tubes. No problem at all. They do sound different
however. (I hope I described this right)
Ken Zuercher, KC8QO
--- Ed Sieb <esieb at sympatico.ca> wrote:

> Well now...  You can replace a 6V6 with a 6L6, but
> not the other way 'round,
> since the plate voltages are higher for 6L6's.  Same
> basing, different plate
> dissipation and power output.
> Ed, VA3ES
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