[AMRadio] Modulation power required

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Thu Feb 14 21:05:08 EST 2008

> In my opinion the thing for the average ham to do is set their monitor 
> to
> display the maximum the want to transmit on their monitor. If they see 
> the
> trapezoid flashing over that point they will know they have a problem. 
> But
> they will never see a single cycle.
> The thing to do is not worry about it until you get a notice. Just 
> don't
> push your modulation to the legal limit!
> Bob Macklin

Bob your observation is very correct and I do wish more people would do 
just that.  Heck I wouldn't care if the monitored the envelope, just 
something and KNOW what is involved with modulation be it high level or 
an exciter through an amp.

The thing is, if you have bad audio out of the exciter, you will have 
the same bad audio out of an amp, just a lot louder.  There is also the 
issue of overdriving the RF of an amp, which can be an whole other 

But I do hope the fine examples that Gary and John have presented will 
make people think more of the quality of their signal.  Heck the other 
day I heard a guy running a Gates BC 1(?) with the mic. gain so high the 
blower was modulating the envelope to probably near 20%.


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