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Don Merz n3rht at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 14 21:50:12 EST 2008

For Sale: Boatanchor-Related Books and Stuff
Hallicrafters CA-2 Skyfone radios (a pair). Tube type aircraft receivers, look like 1950s vintage maybe? One isn’t too bad and one has a beat up front panel with the band change knob missing. They look all original and have their original cabinets. $49/pair
Knight Kit KG-696 Signal Generator. Small, solid state unit runs on 1 9V battery. 400kc to 190MC in 5 bands. Uncalibrated output of course. With original box and manual. Looks brand new except for some dust. Has output. I did not check calibration or stability. $39 plus $11 flat rate box mailing with tracking.
Astatic DN-HZ microphone. This is in the best condition I have ever seen one of these. It looks close to brand new. Paint and chrome are almost perfect. This fits the same Astatic G mic stand commonly seen under a D-104 (but no stand is included with this mic). Untested and as-is. $69
Radiotron Designer’s Handbook Fourth Edition (the BIG one). Some fading and shelf wear on cover and spine but basically very good or excellent condition. This is probably the one absolute must-have book for hollow-state aficionados. $69
Marcus and levy, Profitable Radio Troubleshooting, 1956, hardback with wall chart, Last chapter on starting a business. Otherwise a practical technical gold mine. $22
Marcus and Levy, Practical Radio Servicing, 2nd ed., 1963, hardback with dust jacket and 2 wall charts. Slightly dirty but excellent. Killer text. $24
Marcus and Horton, elements of Radio, 1943, hardback with loose spine. Theoretical companion to Elements of Radio Servicing. Not Terman, but gets the job done. $9
Keith Henney, Electron Tubes In Industry, 2nd ed, 1937, 540 page hardback in excellent shape. Super text. Lots of stuff on amplifiers (go figure). $29
Norman Crowhurst and George Cropper, High Fidelity Circuit Design, Gernsback Hardback, 1959, excellent condition, 300 pages. 6L6, KT66, EL34--it’s all here. $33
Raymond Heising, Quartz Crystals For Electrical Circuits, 1952 printing, published for Bell labs by Van Nostrand, 550 page hardback. Everything you ever wanted to know about radio crystals and how they are made. Spins darkened, otherwise excellent. $27
H. J. Hicks, Principles and Practice of Radio Servicing, 1939, McGraw Hill hardback in superb condition, 300+ pages. Before Marcus and Levy, there was Hicks, with a dryer writing style, but more concrete examples. Marvelous text. $29
The Electronics Training Staff of Harvard University, Electronic Circuits and Tubes, 1st ed., 5th printing, 100 page hardback in excellent condition. A mix of theory and practice. The sections on tubes are excellent. $33
Ralph Batcher and William Moulic, The Electronic Engineering Handbook, Electronic Development Associates, 1944, 450 page hardback in excellent condition. This is entirely about vacuum tubes, design, construction, applications, characteristics, receiving, transmitting and all the rest. Meticulously organized. Math and theory stand side by side with circuit schematics and tube cutaway diagrams. This is one of the best books on tubes I have run across. And somewhat uncommon. $38
Edward Rice, Radio Service Training Manual, Sams paperback with spine and cover wear, 1972. 275 pages. A mix of tube and transistor in a very cookbook style--“if you measure this and get X, check that for Y”. Some writing inside. $9
William Orr, W6SAI, Radio Handbook 14th ed., 1956, Editors and Engineers, 750 page hardback in wonderful condition. This was W6SAI at his peak. $24
Eimac Tube Catalog, 1952. this is the one with a 4-page, 8.5x11 loose leaf flyer for each tube, with characteristics charts and detailed specs for each tube. I believe this catalog is complete. It has the color summary charts, several copies of the Eimac Pulse Tube Analysis Newsletter, plus flyers for all the Eimac tubes you know and love. Very good or excellent. $34
RCA Ham Tips. V2#2, March-April, 1939 (covers the 807). $4
RCA Ham Tips V2#4, September 1939 (covers the 806). $4
RCA Ham Tips V3#1, Jan-Feb, 1940 (covers Cathode Modulation) $4
RCA Ham Tips V4 #2, Feb-Mar, 1941 (covers the 8000) and a 1-Tube 807 rig. $4
RCA Guide For Transmitting Tubes, 1941, this is the one with the red color cover, 75 pages, great construction articles, one page per tube type layout, many photos. This copy is in unbelievable condition with some mild yellowing on the back cover and a half a crease in the front cover. It looks nearly new and is not fragile. $33
RCA Ham Guide, 1940, 5 pages. This is the one with the blue cover. It’s all TX tubes and circuits with heavy emphasis on construction projects. The back cover has some very slight mildew marks and the front cover has a small dog-eared corner. Otherwise, this is in outstanding condition. Not fragile. $33
Thanks for looking. 
73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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