[AMRadio] Cap Substitution

Bob Macklin macklinbob at msn.com
Thu Feb 14 22:49:30 EST 2008

Connecting diodes in parallel does not really effect the current like
connecting batteries in parallel. The diode with he lowest forward drop will
handle most of the current.

But if you really had diodes connected with anode to cathode you don't have
a rectifier. That configuration is used in voltage limiter circuits.

Got to Radio Shack and get some 1N4000 series diodes and use them for
rectifiers. You only need one for a 1/2wave rectifier. Or 4 connected in a
bridge for a full wave rectifier.

Are you sure the ones you have are not connected in a bridge circuit. There
would be 4 diodes. And 2 of them would have the cathodes connected together.
The other 2 would have the anodes connected together.

Bob Macklin
Seattle, Wa,
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> As a follow up to all this talk..
> The person who did this mod, was rectifying the power to this 24V
> relay with three 1N2069's in parallel with 2 cathodes facing one
> direction and the other cathode facing the opposite direction.  These
> were wired to a dedicated 6.3V tranny he also added.  Any idea why he
> would have done this rather than using the 24V tap on the filament
> transformer specially there for a 24V relay?  I measure roughly 26V on
> this tap so I would assume the tranny is fine.
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