[AMRadio] Re: GB> FW: ham radio bad

Robert Nickels w9ran at oneradio.net
Fri Feb 15 14:30:50 EST 2008

Ben Dover wrote:
>    You  found out what the victim's favorite CB channel was, and got hold
>    of a  junker  walkie  talkie  (100  milliwatt) crystaled for it. You'd
>    then glue down the transmit button.
Aw, that's WAY too much work, Tom!   Just clip the speaker leads and let 
that broadband rushbox detector do the work of jamming ALL channels at 
the same time.  For best results, toss on roof and let it slide in the 
gutter near the antenna, attach 9ft of nearly invisible wire to make 
sure it was nice and strong.

The nice thing is, those cheapie walkie-talkies came in pairs, and yep, 
the bozo fell for the same treatment twice!

73, Bob W9RAN

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