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Ed Sieb esieb at sympatico.ca
Fri Feb 15 15:04:03 EST 2008

I've sent a private email twice, but no response as yet.  Wondering if that
DNS problem is affecting my email too?
So, I will publicly waste bandwidth and post my requests publicly here.
Don, here's hoping  you get this OK.

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If still available, I'd like to purchase the following books:

Marcus and levy, Profitable Radio Troubleshooting, 1956, hardback with wall
chart, Last chapter on starting a business. Otherwise a practical technical
gold mine. $22

Marcus and Levy, Practical Radio Servicing, 2nd ed., 1963, hardback with
dust jacket and 2 wall charts. Slightly dirty but excellent. Killer text.

H. J. Hicks, Principles and Practice of Radio Servicing, 1939, McGraw Hill
hardback in superb condition, 300+ pages. Before Marcus and Levy, there was
Hicks, with a dryer writing style, but more concrete examples. Marvelous
text. $29

Eimac Tube Catalog, 1952. this is the one with a 4-page, 8.5x11 loose leaf
flyer for each tube, with characteristics charts and detailed specs for each
tube. I believe this catalog is complete. It has the color summary charts,
several copies of the Eimac Pulse Tube Analysis Newsletter, plus flyers for
all the Eimac tubes you know and love. Very good or excellent. $34

 vy 73,


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