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Here's some good GLOWBUG stuff:


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> Ben Dover wrote:
> >    You  found out what the victim's favorite CB channel was, and got
> >    of a  junker  walkie  talkie  (100  milliwatt) crystaled for it.
> >    then glue down the transmit button.
> >
> >
> Aw, that's WAY too much work, Tom!   Just clip the speaker leads and let
> that broadband rushbox detector do the work of jamming ALL channels at
> the same time.  For best results, toss on roof and let it slide in the
> gutter near the antenna, attach 9ft of nearly invisible wire to make
> sure it was nice and strong.
> The nice thing is, those cheapie walkie-talkies came in pairs, and yep,
> the bozo fell for the same treatment twice!
> 73, Bob W9RAN
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