[AMRadio] Wanted: Receiver - New England

EP Swynar gswynar at durham.net
Sat Feb 16 10:26:09 EST 2008

Hi JT,

This may not exactly fit the specifics of your needs or requirements, but
for my money, one of THE best tube-type receivers (and it was designed &
built near the zenith of the vacuum tube era) is the R-4 series from

They are still readily available, AND at good prices --- especially the
series preceding the "C" version (which apparently needs a lot of
"after-market" hot-rodding anyway to make it really come alive, anyway)....

Now, if you want something without 160-meters --- but at HALF the price of
an R-4 --- get yourself a decent Heathkit SB-301.

Two caveats: if you want 160 with the R-4, you'll need a 12.6-MHz
crystal...and if you want AM with the SB-301, you'll need an AM IF filter
(the SB-310 wider unit preferred in this application).

My $0.02 worth, anyway...

Either way, you'll get a classic, hollow-state receiver, that is readily
repairable by yourself, that's stable, sensitive, and flexible...AND it
won't cost you an arm & a leg, either!

~73~ Eddy VE3CUI - VE3XZ


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> I'm going to be looking for a receiver at the beginning of the month
> (hate getting paid once/month) and wondering if anyone has anything
> they'd be selling or have any leads on.
> I don't have a big list of requirements and can't afford a "museum
> quality" R-390A or Super Pro but want to get on the air now that I
> have a decent plate modulated TX and not sure if my simple regen I am
> building will be up to snuff.  I should probably save/wait for
> NEAR-fest but I'd really like to get on the air.
> I'll have $350 to $400 to spend:
> * Primary use - HAM band AM reception primarily on 75 and 40 initially
> - 160 down the road
> * Needs to work, something that needs a little TLC is fine but would
> like it to work as soon as I bring it home.
> * Something located north of New York City so I can come pick it up.
> I don't like driving south of NYC.
> * Nice audio, doesn't have to be the greatest quality but just
> enjoyable listening and something I can feed into a nice speaker
> system.
> * Something that would fit inside a 19" rack cabinet would be a big
> plus but not a requirement.  Desk space is getting sparse but I have
> about 3' of unused space inside my rack where a RX could fit nicely.
> Any ideas?  Thanks guys.
> -- 
> JT Croteau, N1ESE - Manchester, NH (FN42gx)
> Contest Manager, TARA Skirmish
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