[AMRadio] FS Vintage Originbal Manuals

Don Merz n3rht at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 16 11:19:40 EST 2008

For Sale: Original Manuals (Unless Noted Otherwise) At Photocopy Prices. Add $1.50 for media mailing for the first one and 50 cents for each additional one.
Abbott TR-4 brochure photocopies. With schematic. Free. I also have
  schematics for the Abbott Mobile and DK-3 transmitters.
Approved A460 Field Strength Meter. $2
Cable TV Supply Company STR-2000 Frequency-Agile Television Processor
   original manual troubleshooting addendum. Free.
CGS Laboratories Increductor (Variable Inductance). $5
Clegg Interceptor original manual and a copy. Fold-out schematics. $10
Clegg Laboratories Model SP-1P Spike Generator. $5
Collins 75S1 receiver original manual. $20
Collins KWM-2A copy. $5
Conar Model 400 complete original manual, assembly instructions and oversize 
   drawings for the NRI Conar Model 400 Novice Transmitter. $10
Cornell Bubilier Capacitor Resistor Bridge Model BF-60 operation schematic. $7
Daven OP-Series Power Output Meter. $5
Delta Electronics OIB-1 Impedance Bridge Instruction Book, Application
  Bulletin #1, and Application Bulletin #3, all photocopies. $3
Drake MN-4C original manual. Good. $15 including mailing.
Eagle Electronics Radio-Telegraph Signal Set Crystal Broadcast Receiver manual. $5
E. F. Johnson Viking Invader 2000. Cover stained. $12
Eico Model 145 Multi-Signal Tracer. $3
Eico 147 Signal Tracer. $3
Eico 145 Multi-Signal Tracer. No covers. $2
Eico 320 op, parts, assembly. Excellent. $5 (2 available)
Eico 360 operation, parts, assembly. $5
Eico 400 Scope operation parts assembly. $4
Eico 425 Scope operation parts assembly. $4
Eico 470 operation parts assembly. $4
Eico 488 operation schematic. $4
Eico 625 Tube tester operation parts assembly. $7
Eico 944 Flyback Tester operation schematic. Basically a direct-reading GDO. $2
Eico 944 operation p[arts assmbly. $3
Eldico AM-30 modulator schematic only. Free
Elenco DT-3800 DMM. $3
Ferris 16C Standard Signal Generator. Copy. $2
Gavin Electronic Systems, Maverick and Maverick II tuneable filter 
   instruction sheet. Free.
Globe Patcher PH-1 copy. $2
Hallicrafters 5R10. Exc. $8
Hallicrafters SX-62 Excellent. $12
Hallicrafters SR-75. Excellent. $9
Hallicrafters SX-111 Manual Copy. $5
Hallicrafters T.O. Keyer HA-1 original green manual. Hole-punched. $8
Hallicrafters Operating, Alignment and Service Instructions for
   Model S-19R. $10
Hallicrafters Service Bulletin For Model S-40A. Beat-up. $3
Hallicrafters S-38 (no letter) Sams Photofact. $5
Hallicrafters SP-44 Skyrider Panoramic, May, 1946, exc. $10
Hallicrafters S-55, S-56 Sams Photofact. $5 
Hallicrafters S-77. Excellent. $9
Heathkit GD-2007 Bug Killer original manual. $5
Heathkit V-5 VTVM original manual. $5
Heathkit MP-10 Power Inverter original manual. $5
Heathkit HD-1984 Micoder II original manual. $5
Heathkit AM-2 Reflected Power Meter. $5
Heathkit HD-16 Code Oscillator. $5
Heathkit HM-102 RF Power Meter. $5
Heathkit ID-29 Automotive Tune-Up Meter. $2
Heathkit IMW-13 Service Bench Vacuum Tuber Voltmeter. $5
Heathkit SB-400 Blue-print-size schematic. Some tears. $1
Heathkit VF-1 copy. $1
Heathkit ET-3100 Electronic Design Experimenter original manual. $5
Heathkit GD-348 Deluxe Metal Locator original manual. $5

Hy-Gain 204BA 4-Element, 20-Meter Beam. $2
Icom IC-2A/AT/E with schematic and board layout.$3
James Millen photocopy, A Combination AC and DC Amateur Band Receiver, QST
  reprint about the SW-3, with some coil winding info added. $2 each 2 copies
Jewel 950 clock radio Sams Photofact. $1
Kantronics The Interface. $2
KLM Multi-2000 -2000A Service Manual Copy. $5
Leeds and Northrup, Directions for Operation Type S
   Test Set, with booklet: Notes On Fault Location In Cables. $5
Lloyd's Accumatic 200 Microelectronic Handheld Calculator With Memory. $5
MC Jones MM-1 Micromatch original manual, like new: $5. This looks like a
   set of covers stuck on a QST reprint. Have 8 of these left.
McMurdo-Silver Model 909 FM-TV Sweep Generator. $1
Meissner 9-1053 AM-FM radio Sams Photofact. $5
MFJ 945C Versa-Tuner II. $3
Military TM 11-2057 Test Set TS-27/TSM. September 1944. $5
Mirage A1015 6 Meter Power Amplifier. $3
Motorola VT71 TV Sams Photofact. $5 
National CRU Oscilloscope, cover marked and chipped. $8
National NC-TV-10T Sams Photofact. $5  
Nems-Clarke 1301A and 1302A VHF Receiver manual Photocopy. $5
Panoramic Radio Corp. Panalyzor Model HS-1 Type T-200. $5
Precision E-200 Signal Generator: Servicing by Signal Substitution, 1940,
   Precision Apparatus Co. This is basically a manual for the Precision E-200 
   signal generator. It includes detailed directions for using that unit as
   well as a schematic. But the technique described could be used with any 
   signal generator. 120 page paperback. Good shape. $8  2 copies. eBay
Precision RF-10A HF Vacuum Test Probe. $2
Precision SP-5 Oscilloscope Test Probe Set (for use with ES-500 scopes). $2
Precision ES-500 Oscilloscope, like new. $7
RCA ACR-155 Receiver. Covers dirty. $12
RCA Volt-Ohmyst Type 195-A. $5
RCA Type TX-1834-501 Modulation Percentage Meter, mimeo, no schematic. $3
Shure 55-Series Microphones original Data Sheet, dated 1942. $2
Simpson 269 VOM original manual. Covers very poor. But useable. $1
Solar Type CF Capacitor Exam-eter original manual. $5 
Supreme 563 Audio Generator. $5
Teac A-4010SL tape deck original manual. $5
Tektronix P6430 temperature Probe original manual. $5
Tektronix Type CA Plug-In original manual. $5
Tektronix 181 Marker Generator original manual in good shape: $7 PPD
Wescom W740-W741 24VDC & 48VDC Power Supplies. $2
Yaesu FT-2700RH manual copy. $5
Yaesu FT-101E/EE original manual. Writing on front cover. $10
Yaesu FT-101E/EE original manual missing front cover. $5
Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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