[AMRadio] Sources for surplus Dummy Loads

Thomas Adams quixote2 at ix.netcom.com
Sat Feb 16 13:11:56 EST 2008

At 11:27 PM 2/15/2008, you wrote:
>I'm going to need a new dummy load and wondering if anyone knows of
>any surplus houses with a good selection.  I seem to recall seeing a
>site a few years ago with more dummies than you could ever sort
>through but the name escapes me.  I'm looking for something in the
>500W to 1KW range for DC - 30 MHz. without breaking the bank.  Is the
>Cantenna still the most economical way to go?
>JT Croteau, N1ESE - Manchester, NH (FN42gx)
>Contest Manager, TARA Skirmish

You're much better off, money wise, going to hamfests. Around here at least
there's still a lot of older, oil cooled Bird loads in the 500 and 
1000 watt range
for reasonable bucks. Most of them are fron 2 way radio shops and military

On my workbench I have a military GRM-10, better known as a Bird 694. That's
HF (2 - 30 MHz), 1000 watts, with a built in wattmeter. It needed a cleanup and
some minor tweeking of bent cooling fins, but it was ten bucks.

I help maintain a small community FM station; for that reason, in my 
pickup is a
Bird TS-118/AP . This thing will handle 500 watts in the FM band, and 
has a built
in wattmeter. It'll cover something like 25 - 1000 MHz, and comes in 
an aluminum
military transit case, completely water tight and dust proof. Hamfest 
price was just

On the floor of the shack is a Bird 82A, hooked to a coaxial switch 
so I can dump
the rig into it as needed. Takes 500 watts, no wattmeter, uses QC 
connectors, a bit
dinged up but not leaking and quite usable after an overhaul (it was 
reading like 65
ohms when I got it; after an internal cleanup it is dead on). Because 
of the funny
ohmmeter readings, that one was  five buck special at a hamfest.

Just look around...   and if you're handy with hand tools and don't 
mind getting your
hands oily, don't overlook loads that read high (up to maybe 100 
ohms); most of the
time they can be brought back from the dead.

Mr. T., W9LBB

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