[AMRadio] Wanted: Receiver - New England

Jim Miller WB5OXQ in Waco wb5oxq at grandecom.net
Sun Feb 17 17:28:05 EST 2008

The 300 IS a great receiver but it is ham bands only so if you want to do 
any swl listening it may not be what you want.  I had one and for ham bands 
it is real good and works well on ssb also.  I did not like it as well on am 
as the sx 110 I am restoring now and the Hallicrafters is general coverage 
with bandspread for 80,40 20, 15, and 10 meter ham bands but not as good on 
ssb as the national..  there are lots of good tube sets out there you need 
to decide if you want to use it only on ham or do you want to listen to 
international broadcasts also?  My favorite receiver for swl and ham has 
been a Hammurland HQ180 but they are not cheap when you can find one.

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>I just talked to a friend of mine this week, he said he has a National 
>NC-300 he is going to sell, the NC-300 is a great receiver. Best of all it 
>should sell for under $200.00 you can reach him via qrz.com his call is 
>k9chz a very great guy. Tell him I sent you
> Dave W9WRL
> JT Croteau wrote:
>> I'm going to be looking for a receiver at the beginning of the month
>> (hate getting paid once/month) and wondering if anyone has anything
>> they'd be selling or have any leads on.
>> I don't have a big list of requirements and can't afford a "museum
>> quality" R-390A or Super Pro but want to get on the air now that I
>> have a decent plate modulated TX and not sure if my simple regen I am
>> building will be up to snuff.  I should probably save/wait for
>> NEAR-fest but I'd really like to get on the air.
>> I'll have $350 to $400 to spend:
>> * Primary use - HAM band AM reception primarily on 75 and 40 initially
>> - 160 down the road
>> * Needs to work, something that needs a little TLC is fine but would
>> like it to work as soon as I bring it home.
>> * Something located north of New York City so I can come pick it up.
>> I don't like driving south of NYC.
>> * Nice audio, doesn't have to be the greatest quality but just
>> enjoyable listening and something I can feed into a nice speaker
>> system.
>> * Something that would fit inside a 19" rack cabinet would be a big
>> plus but not a requirement.  Desk space is getting sparse but I have
>> about 3' of unused space inside my rack where a RX could fit nicely.
>> Any ideas?  Thanks guys.
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