[AMRadio] For Sale/Wanted/Trade ads

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Sun Feb 17 22:40:10 EST 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen let me remind you, if you run an ad for anything, 
put your contact information in the ad and ask that anyone who responds 
to your ad to contact you off list.

This will help keep the archives size down which saves space and 
everyone won't have to wade through messages that do not discuss a 
topic.  We have enough traffic to read as it is.  It will also reduce 
search time when reading the digest mode and searching the archives for 
a message.

To those of you who joined recently, please read the list rules.  You 
will find a link at the bottom of each message that will direct you to 
the site.

Your help will be appreciated


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