[AMRadio] FS SP-400SX, Tube Testers, Millen GDO, More

Don Merz n3rht at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 17 23:01:14 EST 2008

For Sale Boatanchors, Test Gear and Related
Hammarlund SP-400-SX with cabinet, power supply and original matching speaker. The SX model does not cover the BC band--it is 1.25mc to 40mc. This is just about the nicest one of these I have ever seen. The gray wrinkle front panel with the Hammarlund name in script in the upper left hand corner is really nice. I believe this is all original in every respect. Untested and as-found. $299
James Millen 90651 GDO with all coils, coil rack and original manual. Looks excellent. Untested and as-is. Two books are included with this: John Lenk: Servicing With Grid Dip Meters (Sams), and Rufus Turner, How To Use Grid Dip Oscillators (Rider). And finally, two GDO articles are included: Supplementary Applications of the GDO (from the CD Capacitor Magazine) and What Can You Do With A Dip Meter? (from QST). All for $69 plus $11 flat rate box mailing with tracking.
Nice old homebrew transmitter. This is built on a 13x7x2 inch chassis and has an 8 inch high aluminum front panel. The panel has tune and load controls, a 0-200ma meter, xtal socket, key jack and power switch with pilot light. It uses 3 tubes in ceramic sockets and 2 of them are missing. The one present is 6AG7--the oscillator I assume. The output tube has 5 pins with no grid or plate caps so I am thinking 807… The other empty socket is octal, next to the power transformer, undoubtedly a rectifier 5U4 or 5R4 variety. The beefy power supply looks like it can handle the transients with big oil caps and heavy choke. The rig uses 2 plug-in coils--both National on ceramic bases--marked 20E and 40E. So I am guessing it’s doubling a 40M xtal for output on 20 with these 2 coils. No other coils available. Construction and parts quality is 100% first class. Dirty but no rust or mechanical problems. Untested and as-is. $59
Challenger CH8 PA Amplifier. This has a 5881 (with the guide pin broken off but otherwise intact) in the 6L6 socket. Dirty with some rough spots on the paint. $15
Bud 17x13x3 steel black wrinkle chassis. NOS. Some rough storage has resulted in a few paint scrapes. And these some dirt. But it looks very good overall. No holes. $22
Meissner Analyst. King of the immediate post-war “radio analyzers”. Later imitated by the RCA/Rider Chanalyst. Has 4 or 5 eye tubes. This one is dirty but in nice shape with most or all of the original test leads. $69
Radio City Products Tube Tester VTVM Combo in wooden box. Meter is broken. No Manual or data. $5
Triplett 3413-A Tube Tester in metal case. Dirty as hell but should clean up with Gojo. Emission pass/fail type. Untested. $15
Precision 920 Tube Tester In wooden case. Looks good. Untested. $20
Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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