[AMRadio] Re: Wanted: Receiver - New England

Bob Young youngbob53 at msn.com
Mon Feb 18 02:59:02 EST 2008

I have heard the HQ-100's and HQ-110's have lousy front ends and overload easily and that the rest of the Hammarlunds are much better. I have many Super Pros, the Super Pros all sound much better than my HQ-180. I've also heard that the HQ-120 through HQ-160's also sound good. The SP-200's and 400's sound very good with at least ten watts of push pull audio. The SP-600's also sound good but have less bass response. HRO-50's and 60's also sound very good

Bob Young
> There are a couple of Hammarlund receivers, the HQ-100 General  
> Coverage and the Hammarlund HQ-110 that provide pretty good AM  
> performance on the lower bands. They sound pretty good as is into a  
> decent, efficient speaker and with the modifications included in this  
> article (costing all of about 2 bucks), they sound even better. I  
> have both receivers and am amazed at the nice sounds I receive from  
> the Florida AM Group.
> http://www.amwindow.org/tech/htm/hqaudiomods.htm
> The good news is, these receivers can often be found for less than  
> half of your proposed budget.
> Rodger
> K1HH
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