[AMRadio] Re: AMRadio Digest, Vol 49, Issue 73

D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Mon Feb 18 13:01:15 EST 2008

> Ladies and Gentlemen let me remind you, if you run an ad for anything,
> put your contact information in the ad and ask that anyone who responds
> to your ad to contact you off list.
> This will help keep the archives size down which saves space and
> everyone won't have to wade through messages that do not discuss a
> topic.  We have enough traffic to read as it is.  It will also reduce
> search time when reading the digest mode and searching the archives for
> a message.

> Jim/W5JO  > Moderator

In addition to that, it would help as much or probably more, if everyone 
would make it a point to delete the headers, previous replies and replies to 
replies when responding to a  message.  If there is something in the 
previous messages in a thread that you wish to repeat for reference because 
it directly relates to your comments, it's a simple matter to edit 
out/delete/snip everything else and keep only those specific lines intact. 
I get awfully tired of trying to wade through every issue of the Digest and 
seeing the same text and headers repeated over and over and over again with 
each reply that is added to a thread.  Worse still, is when the entire 
Digest is displayed in a response to one message.

Don k4kyv

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