[AMRadio] FS SP-400SX, Tube Testers, Millen GDO, More

D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Mon Feb 18 13:31:53 EST 2008

> Don, did you not see the message I posted last night at 9:40 PM?  If you
> missed it, here it is repeated.  Both Brian and I send personal messages
> to you about this a couple of days back.  You have not responded to
> those, so I am repeating it.
> Please read it and follow the directions.  Ladies and Gentlemen, this is
> important.
> Jim/W5JO

I hope to continue to see Don's and Brian's f/s ads on this list.  They seem 
to have the ability to regularly dig up stuff that I have been  looking for 
over a long period of time without success. In recent years, I seem to be 
having better luck finding sought-after items online than at places like 
Dayton.  I only rarely do business via ePay - too much hassle.

 I wholeheartedly agree about responding off list, unless the reply 
specifically contains something that would likely be of interest to every 
one else.   I  did respond to an ad on-list the other day when my direct 
reply bounced and I was trying to get my message through ahead of competing 
buyers, but that shouldn't have caused anyone a major problem.

Don k4kyv 

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