[AMRadio] Halli SX42 (RE JT)

doxemf at aol.com doxemf at aol.com
Mon Feb 18 16:42:38 EST 2008

This is somewhat of a teaser for you but I have two SX42s in my 
storage. Each had been in use untill developing the usual bad coupling 
cap problems then they were retired till I could get around to 
servicing. I moved shortly after and they are still in another storage. 
If I had not lost the use of my workshop due to fire last month I could 
have gone over one for you. But if you do not find anything soon then I 
will get one overhauled in a couple months after recovering my gear and 
getting another workbench/shack together.
   I really like the SX42 for it's audio and mode flexability when 
working correctly.The matching R42 speaker is a big plus.
  Will keep you in mind down the line. I'm in north-western Mass so 
pickup or a Hamfest meet would be easy.
would not want to ship.
Bill, KB3DKS

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