[AMRadio] Halli SX42 (RE JT)

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Mon Feb 18 23:17:35 EST 2008

Hi Bob!

I agree, it is wide, but with good condx it sure sounds great. Real 
nice for SWListening. When 40 is good daytimes it's nice for a QSO.
  A proper rebuild and repaint near mint can bring big $$ for sure !! 
It's a lot of work.
I miss mine and will have to someday get one going again. The round 
dial reminds me of the old prewar Console we had when I was a kid. 
First time I heard HLR and DUQ was on that old console in the mid/late 
   I also have the little Halli Panoramic with a 455 kc input more 
commonly seen with a 40B or Skyrider?.

Bill, KB3DKS in 1 Land

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From: Bob Peters

I as well have an SX-42 with the matching speaker that has been 100%
restored and working. Paid way to much $$$ for it and it is really
useless on 75M at night as it is broad as a barn door but sounds better
on FM broadcast then a lot of HD FM radio's. I would not sell it if
someone put $1000 on the table right now. I use my A-2 on the air...

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