[AMRadio] Sp-600 JX-11 Diversity?

k0ng at inebraska.com k0ng at inebraska.com
Tue Feb 19 15:00:58 EST 2008

Hello John/List: Sounds like you are having fun with that JX-11. I never got
to work on the JX-11 as I recall but did work on JX-17 thru JX-21. The  
mods you mention sounds like the ones installed in the JX-17. We used to get
kits with stick on labels, new controls/functions, red knobs etc. hardest part
of the mods were getting the rcvrs out of the rack!! I cant remember the rack
mounted "combiner/switch that was installed between 2 receivers but I  
do remember
it functioned on AVC levels. As I recall, most of the mod-kits were put up by
Northern Radio. On some installations, the "master external oscillator was by
Northern Radio also. 53 years back seems to cloud my momory of what was second
nature then. Have fun !!

K0NG,Charlie,  ex-USAF
KGF, Geiger Field
SP-600,s combiners, Wilcox 96D transmitters, 3 wire rhombics for diversity.

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