[AMRadio] Re: [Boatanchors] Sp-600 JX-11 Diversity?

John Flood kb1fqg at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 19 18:01:23 EST 2008

Greetings all and thanks for the great help.  My radio matched the photo's that Bob sent except I do not have the two tags on the upper right hand corner, just the screws in the holes!.  But I'm convinced now that I have a R450/FRR-28.  There are no BBOD's in there but some red and brown ones that are probably just as bad.  I need to take a second look at the tag on the turret and see if I added the "X" in there in my excitement!  It looks like there is a manual available as well!.  This will make things a bit easier than the NC-183D/R I had.  Now I need to trick the kids into going to bed early during school vacation so I can work on it some more (good luck in that!)

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Hi John,
    We have a manual and separate schematic for the Northern on The 
Hammarlund Historian website, compliments of Tom Hoyer, W3TA.  I have one of 
the receivers.
    But, as Bob says, they used -J-11's, not -JX's, and had specific tags on 
the panel.  There were a cupla other shops that did similar work on them 
back then, so it could be from one of them.  Do Bob's pix match up with 
yours?  I've got some pix of mine somewhere if they'd be of help.
Al, W8UT
New Bern, NC

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> Greetings Wise ones!
> This weekend a SP-600 JX-11 followed me home

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