[AMRadio] Re: [Boatanchors] Sp-600 JX-11 Diversity?

rbethman rbethman at comcast.net
Tue Feb 19 19:22:39 EST 2008


If you want the "monster" schematic in hard copy, let me know.

I know mine works just great!  Does well on 6Mtrs too!

I got thee hard copy of all from Tom Hoyer.  He then uploaded a scanned 
version to Al.


John Flood wrote:
> Greetings all and thanks for the great help.  My radio matched the photo's that Bob sent except I do not have the two tags on the upper right hand corner, just the screws in the holes!.  But I'm convinced now that I have a R450/FRR-28.  There are no BBOD's in there but some red and brown ones that are probably just as bad.  I need to take a second look at the tag on the turret and see if I added the "X" in there in my excitement!  It looks like there is a manual available as well!.  This will make things a bit easier than the NC-183D/R I had.  Now I need to trick the kids into going to bed early during school vacation so I can work on it some more (good luck in that!)

Bob Bethman/NØDGN/BC-610/Northern Radio 
SP-600 Manassas, VA - MultiBand Dipoles

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