[AMRadio] T3 Mod iron specs - Audio limitations, harmonics, etc.

James M. Walker chejmw at acsu.buffalo.edu
Wed Feb 20 19:52:07 EST 2008

Hi Brian,
The frequency range of the standard T-368 mod-transformer is 300 - 3500
CPS. The mod iron is rated for 250 watts MAX., with a peak working
voltage of 5000, and max altitude operating range of 10,000 ft. Maximum
rated carrier power out of a standard T-368 400 Watts AM voice, and AM FSK,
and 450 watts CW/FSK. NOTE: that is two different ratings for FSK mode.

"Let the games begin"
The full T-368 manual in PDF is at -->

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> Anyone know the approximate "designed" frequency range for a T-368
> modulation transformer?
> Also, if there is a website out there somewhere that has stock audio
> specs on the popular commercial and military transmitters, I would be
> interested in seeing it.
> I think I know the answer to this, however I know there are a lot of
> you out there that have a lot more knowledge than I do on the
> specifics...
> Let's say your transmitter is limited for 200 to 3000 cycles in the
> audio section, either by coupling caps, cathode bypass, cathode
> resistors, plate loading, and any transformers...  what is the result
> of using an external EQ and audio chain that pumps audio from the mic
> that is beyond either end of the audio range the transmitter is
> allowed by design to pass?
> I think this is a common mistake that a lot of us make that can cause
> some serious harmonics and other artifacts.  I'd like to see a
> discussion on this if any of you experts would care to chime in ;)
> 73
> Brian / wa5am
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