[AMRadio] FS Manuals: Halli, National, WRL, Collins, More

Don Merz n3rht at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 22 20:42:07 EST 2008

For Sale: Manuals. Add $2.50 1st class mailing with tracking for 1-3, 50 cents each for more. All in very good condition unless noted otherwise.
Alliance Tenna-Rotor ATR DTR HIR, F-4 T-10 U-83 Service Manual. $4
Astatic AT-1 schematic. Free.
B&W 5100 (no letter suffix) original manual with warranty card. $12. 2 copies available. 
CDR T-11 TR-12 Service Bulletin. $4
Collins KWS-1 original manual. Excellent condition. $38
Echophone EC-1 original manual. $9
Hallicrafters S-11 original manual. 1936. No covers and I doubt it ever had any. $14
Hallicrafters Super Skyrider SX-16 original manual. 1938. $14
Hallicrafters S-19R original manual. $10
Hallicrafters S-20R original manual. $10
Hallicrafters SX-24 Defiant original manual. $12
Hallicrafters S-38D Service Instructions. $4
Hallicrafters S-40A Service Bulletin. $6
Hallicrafters S-40B original manual. $9
Hallicrafters S-40B Service Bulletin. $6
Hallicrafters SX-42 original manual. $14
Hallicrafters SX-42 Service Bulletin. $8
Hallicrafters S-47 original manual, split at spine. $8
Hallicrafters S-94 Service Instructions. $4
Hallicrafters SX-71 Service Bulletin. $6
Hallicrafters S-77 Original Manual. $9
Hallicrafters S-38D Service Instructions. $4
Hallicrafters S-120 original manual. Dirty Cover. $8
Heathkit XR-1 Transistor Receiver original manual. $9
Heathkit uMatic Memory Keyer SA-5010 original manual. $9
International Crystal Executive original manual. $10
Kenyon Transformer “Silver Group” Amplifier Kits flyer. $4
Mallory TV-101 UHF Converter Operating and Service Bulletin. $4
M. C. Jones MicroMatch 262, 262, 263 Descriptive Literature with schematics and 
   manual text. Original in mimeograph format. $8
Monitoradio M-51A original manual. $4
National AGS original manual/booklet. $12
National, James Millen, “A 500 Watt Amateur Phone Transmitter” booklet. $12 each. 
   2 Available.
National 1-10A original manual. Dirty covers. $10
National NC-80X and NC-81X Receivers original manual. $12
National NC-88 original manual. No covers. $9
National NC-173 original; manual. $14
National NC-183 original manual. Stained cover. $14
National NC-240D original manual. $14
National NC-300 original manual, no covers (did it ever have them?). $10
RCA TV-EYE HC-1 and HA-1 Instructions, Service Bulletin and Sales Guide. 1953. $18
RCA Binder full of test equipment manuals: $25/all plus $7 media mailing. Covers WR-36A, WR-61A, WO-78A, WO-56A, WO-88A, WA-44A, WR-49A, WR-59C, WG-264, WG-291, WR-86A, WR-89A, WV-37A, WV-77A, WG-222, WV-87A, with sales flyers for many of these and a bunch of other RCA test gear. 
RME 69 original manual. $14
RME 4300 original Manual. $11
Stancor 20-P Transmitter Kit Flyer/Manual. Poor. $4
WRL Globe Hi-Bander VHF-62 Transmitter original manual. $9
WRL LA-1 Linear Amplifier original manual with assembly instructions, oversize 
   drawings, warranty card, etc. $14
WRL 666VFO original manual. No covers. $7
WRL Globe VOX-10 Voice Control original manual/assembly instructions. $9
WRL FCL-1 Speech Booster original manual/assembly instructions. $7
WRL UM-1 Universal Modulator original manual/assembly instructions, oversize
   drawings, etc. $10
WRL PB-1 Power Booster original manual/assembly instructions. $7
WRL 6 Meter Converter original manual/assembly instructions. $7
WRL Globe CPO-3 Code Oscillator Kit  original manual/assembly instructions. $5
WRL DSB-100 Globe Sidebander original manual. $10
WRL AT-4 Globe Matcher Sr. original manual/assembly instructions, oversize drawings, 
   etc. $10
WRL AT-3 Antenna Tuner original manual/assembly instructions. $8
WRL SM-90 Globe Screen Modulator original manual/assembly instructions. $10
WRL 90A Globe Chief original manual/assembly instructions, oversize drawings, 
   etc. $12
WRL 680A Globe Scout original manual/assembly instructions. $12
WRL 300A Globe Champion original manual. $14
WRL 500C Globe King original manual. $14
WRL PA-1 power attenuator sheet. $2
WRL QT-1 Anti-Trip Unit sheet. $1
Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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