[AMRadio] Radio Shack Lifetime Tubes still available?

Jim Candela jcandela at prodigy.net
Sat Feb 23 20:01:05 EST 2008

I intercepted this from another forum.....  rec.audio.tubes

>From Sal Brisindi <salb203 at optonline.SPAM.net>

You might remember about 2 months ago about I wrote here about 4 7199 
lifetime Radio Shack tubes I have that were bad, pretty much zero 
emissions. There were many responses here whether Radio Shack would 
replace them or not. Well today in the mail I received 4 NOS in the box 
Sylvania 7199 tubes shipped from Radio Shack National Parts depot. I 
guess lifetime really means lifetime! Make me wish I didn't sell my 2 
lifetime 6CA7 tubes I had but with the money I made selling them on ebay 
, I bought 12 Svetlana EL34's and 4 Svetlana 6L6GC'S.

I still have 4 USA lifetime 6CA7's I am keeping that are plugged into my 
Dynaco ST-70.


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