[AMRadio] Testing a modulator

RICHARD GEORGE k6kwq at msn.com
Wed Feb 27 23:03:01 EST 2008

How does one test a modulator. I will soon have a modulator capable of 
around 100 watts of audio. I know that I do not want to run the secondary of 
the transformer unloaded. Would it be OK to make dummy load out of a bunch 
of parallel connected 3 watt resistors, say about 60 watts worth at the dc 
resistance I will be looking at (3000 ohms).
I know that this would only be good for short tests using my O scope and 
audio gen. Any better ways.

I ran a lot of VHF AM back in the day, but only at 5 - 10 watt levels.

K6KWQ Dick
 Amps by "MORE POWER" 

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