[AMRadio] FS: Rare and Random Tube Literature

Don Merz n3rht at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 28 00:29:32 EST 2008

For Sale: Random Tube Literature. Prices plus $2.50 media mail and maybe 50 cents extra or whatever for additional items.

RCA 6199 Multiplier Phototube spec booklet with circuits, 1952. $3
RCA Phototubes booklet, 15 pages, 1948, near-mint. $5
RCA Phototubes booklet, 15 pages, 1941, folded, faded edges. $3
RCA Vidicon Components, 1953, covers 6198 tube and related components. $5
RCA Guide For Transmitting Tubes, 1941 (the blue one), indispensible for armchair boatanchoring. Nice shape. $15
RCA Guide For Transmitting Tubes, 1941 (the RED one), indispensible for armchair boatanchoring. Spine flaking, cover dirty and scraped a bit at the edge. $12
RCA Set of Tube Data Booklets for 6AG7, 812, 1624, 811, 828, 2050+ 2051, 956, 807 and 815. $8/set

RCA RC-24 Receiving Tube Manual, 1965, pages coming unglued but not too bad. $5
Raytheon Handbook of Amateur Tube Uses, 70 pages, 1938, the best reference to Raytheon RK-tubes I’ve ever seen. $29
Raytheon Industrial Tube Characteristics, maybe 1950? Good reference for pencil-type wire-lead tubes. $6
Cetron Phototubes, Rectifiers and Thyratrons, 1954 catalog, 60 pages. $9
HK Gammatron set of tube data sheets, 8.5x11, each sheet is 2 or 4 pages long. Types covered are: 24, 24G, 54, 253, 254, 257B, 354, 454, 654, 854, 953, 1054L and 1554. A great Gammatron reference set. $23
Eimac Tube Data Sheet Set. This covers only the older tubes from 25T through 2000T, plus 4-125, 4-250 and some others. There is also some general data on heat-dissipating connectors, tube ratings and class C amplifiers. Nice set. But none of the ceramic types. $20
Sylvania Tube Substitution Manual, 1950, with base wiring changes, 40 pages. $8
Sylvania Gas-Filled Tubes, 4-page color flyer. $2
Hytron Miniature Tube Chart, 1950. $2
Taylor Tubes, 1938 Catalog and Manual, cover edges frayed, dog-eared pages. $9
Taylor Tubes, 1939 Catalog and Manual, covers dirty. $9
Taylor Tubes, 1945 Catalog and Manual, cover slightly dirty. $11
National Gaseous Rectifier and Thyratron Tubes, maybe 1950? 35 pages or so, nice shape. $4 each, 2 copies.
Type 6X4 Tube Applications, Electronics Magazine reprint. Free (2 available).
Electrons Incorporated, Gas Tubes In Industry, 1952, 5 page booklet. $3
Westinghouse Reliatron Receiving Tubes “Ready Guide”, 47 pages, covers beat up, tends to curl. $4
Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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