[AMRadio] FS: McMurdo Silver, Transformer, Chokes,

David Hollander n7rk at cox.net
Fri Feb 29 09:47:23 EST 2008

Here are some items for sale.  Prices do not include shipping unless 
stated.  I will ship overseas.

McMurdo Silver 904 Capacitance Resistance Bridge....$35 plus shipping
This is from the late 1940's. The tubes are good and the eye tube opens 
and closes however, I can't vouch for accuracy as it still has all of 
the original capacitors inside. This is a neat unit if you collect 
McMurdo Silver gear.

General Electric RF Ammeter - 4 Amp Maximum........$25 plus shipping
The meter reads 0-4 amp and is in a metal enclosure with SO-239 
connectors. This is a tested and working meter. I use these to tune 
vertical antenna arrays by matching the RF currents at the base of the 

UTC D4049 High Current Choke.............$90 plus $10 shipping (USA)
The specs are 10 henries at 325 mA. DC resistance is 100 ohms.

GE High Current Chokes - Matched Pair........$60 plus $10 shipping (USA)
These chokes are 12 henries with a dc resistance of 130 ohms with a 
maximum current of 150 milliamps. Mounting is via 4 tapped holes on the 
bottom near the corners.

Stancor PC8304 HV, High Current Power Transformer .......$40 plus $10 
shipping (USA)
This transformer has the following windings: 117 v primary, 750-0-750 
volts 265 mA.
This does have short input leads (about 2 inches long) but more than 
adequate to splice to. This has been tested.

Large Transmitter Coil on Ceramic Form..........$25 plus shipping
The dimensions are 8 inches long by 3.5 inches in diameter. Their are 
two coils within the inside of this coil that rotate and are adjusted by 
a shaft protruding through the coil. I have no idea what transmitter 
this might have come out of.

URM-26B Signal Generator Accessories - 3......$25 plus shipping
3 URM-26B Accessories which go in the lid of the signal URM-26B signal 
generator. They are: 20 dB Attenuator, 6 dB Attenuator, Impedance 
Matching Network

Western Auto Truetone Model D2178 1940's Two Band Radio.......$30 plus 
This radio covers the AM broadcast band and one short wave band from 
6-17 MHz. This radio has been painted red and white (not by me). A crack 
in the top has been repaired and is no longer visible. The radio has new 
electrolytics and and plays with no hum but he volume is low. The rest 
of the radio needs to be re-capped.

Swan Model FP-1 Phone Patch.........$15 plus shipping
Although a phone patch isn't of much use today, this does make a neat 
accessory to go with your Swan equipment if you happen to be a Swan 

Swan 700S Front Panel and Dial.........$20 plus shipping

RCA WG-289 High Voltage Probe........$20 plus shipping
This is from an estate and has not been tested.

73 and thanks for looking.
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