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I am beating a dead horse all over again.  In all likelihood, we will
decide NOT to allow selling ANYTHING on this list due to the fact that
those who sell their goods here, don't pay attention to moderator and
admin warnings (see just a few links to this in the archives below)
about stating very clearly in their for sale ads that they need to
inform any potential buyers to reply directly to them.

Jim/W5JO, one of our moderators has just, in very recent times, like
yesterday, tried to express this to the list.

The replies to these for sale ads are just as aggravating....  When a
member replies to one of these ads, they almost always quote the
entire ad of the original poster to say nothing but something like
"I'll take the so and so book".  We have 500 +/- members on this email
list, and each and every email posted, or replied to, is sent to the
entire member list.  That means that when you say, "I'll take that" to
the seller, it goes to the whole 500+ members.

Well, I've tried to explain this before, and now it's come time to
decide if we will allow for sale ads on this list from this point
forward.  You sellers out there need to express the need NOW for
people to always reply back to you ONLY, or forever stop selling on
this list.  The debate is on, and I am real game for it.

Just a few examples in the last few weeks or so....


"Money is only temporary, radios are forever" - Jim Little aka "the
old dawg"/K5BAI

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