A.R.S. - WA5AM ars.w5ami at gmail.com
Fri Feb 29 11:11:33 EST 2008

Well, not a good day for me, I guess....

Some of you should remember when we DID change the config of the list
where a simple reply (not reply all) would go to the sender and NOT
the list.  Everyone complained for about a week or more about that, so
I put it back the way it was.  That was about 2 years or more ago.

What I can do folks???  I make it one way and people complain, I make
it another way, and I still get it.  How hard is it for someone to
simply embed their email address in their for sale ads so someone can
just click on it to buy and item ???????  My email address is
ars.w5ami at gmail.com, and that took me less than 5 seconds to type in
this posting..  Go figure...  That's all we/I ask..

I do the best I can with ALL of this.  I get complaints in personal
email about all the excessive quoting in replies, the buyers saying
"I'll take this or that", and a lot of other crap.  I don't get paid
for any of this, and I try to appease all the best I can.  I guess the
question now is who is it I need to appease.

10 years with this has maybe taken my toll, so if any of you think or
want to deal with what I do on a nearly daily basis, let me know.

Brian / wa5am

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