Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Fri Feb 29 11:45:16 EST 2008

With the controversy about the Reply/Reply All buttons, I thought I 
would explain to all of you why they are configured as they are 

A couple of years ago the list was having trouble with a similar problem 
that had to do with personal replies being sent to the list.  They were 
personal messages intended for one person only.

Brian instituted a discussion about the problem and how to configure the 
buttons.  The subscribers overwhelmingly decided to configure them as 
they are now.  Their feeling was that the Reply button should go to the 
entire list and the Reply All button would go to the list as well as the 

Now I can't tell you why the people who responded decided to do this, I 
can only tell you that is what the majority decided.  After considering 
all input, Brian configured the buttons as requested, so that is why 
they work in the fashion they do.

Recently, the admin people have had some discussion about this 
considering the recent problem.  Currently, if you hit the Reply All 
button, you will see all addresses you are sending your message to and 
you can just click on the addressee you wish to delete and hit your 
delete key until only the sender's address is left.

Brian asked for input on this issue and I urge you to respond.  Since 
most of the traffic on the list is appropriate not much has to be done . 
But we have had a couple of incidents where we have had to intervene, 
which caused some controversy.   If you will express your opinion, the 
administration will consider all input and make a decision that takes 
into account your desires and what is the easiest path for us.

I have been urging you individually about the For Sale ads and all I 
have written or call have been understanding and congenial, and I 
appreciate your responses.  I take it upon myself to read each message 
for appropriate content and, when I am not interested in the topic it is 
very boring.  However, I do enjoy all posts, particularly the technical 

Remember guys and gals, keep your posts appropriate and on topic.  Read 
the rules at the link at the bottom of this message and follow them and 
post your input so Brian can make an informed decision.


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