D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Fri Feb 29 14:17:01 EST 2008

I would highly recommend that everyone who subscribes to this list opt for 
the Digest Mode.  That way, you receive your messages in batches, not as a 
separate e-mail for each message.  It causes a LOT less clutter in your 
in-box and makes keeping up with the list more manageable.  I have now 
switched to the Digest Mode for all my e-mail lists.

When I hit reply, the message is addressed to the entire list. If I want to 
reply to the sender only, I copy his/her e-mail address from the header of 
his posting and paste it into the "To:" address box, after highlighting 
"amradio @mailman.qth.net" and clicking "paste".  That automatically deletes 
the reflector address from the "send" list.

Occasionally I forget to paste in the Subject line and it appears as "Re: AM 
Digest..." but I try to remember to type or paste in the specific subject 

I don't want to see the WANTED and FOR SALE messages disappear from the 
list.  I have acquired loads of radio literature and parts from the ads here 
and from the AM Forum.  This is especially true now that the pickings at 
hamfests is getting slimmer by the year and hamfests are becoming  less and 
less cost-effective for acquiring stuff.  I don't regularly check the 
Boatanchors, QTH.com and other lists, plus I like the idea of having the AM 
community get the first shot at the goodies before the bottom-eaters get 
wind of it.  Eliminating the buy/sell/trade messages would greatly reduce 
the usefulness of  this list to me, and I am sure for many others.

My biggest gripe is when people reply to a message and re-send the entire 
string of preceeding messages in the thread along with their current 
posting.  It is a simple matter to highlight and delete everything in the 
previously-sent text except those lines that specifically refer to the 
subject at hand.

Don k4kyv 

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