W7CE w7ce at curtiss.net
Fri Feb 29 20:26:03 EST 2008

I've never really seen this as a problem.  It doesn't bother me in the least 
that some replies to ads are posted to the whole group.  Since that is 
default reply to method, it's going to happen.  I have to sort through about 
800 emails a day, so a few more, one way or the other, just doesn't matter.

If you're going to make a policy, then put the responsibility on the sellers 
to post adequate notice about replying off-reflector.  If one of them won't 
follow the rules, then ban them from selling on the reflector.  Don't 
penalize everyone for the transgressions of a few.  As far as buyer replies 
go, just assume that some won't read every word in the ad, some will forget 
by the time they hit send, and some will just hit send to fast.  No big 
deal.  This thread has already generated more traffic than ad responses in 
recent history.  Or maybe I just noticed them more because of the yelling 
(capital letters) in the subject line.

Clay  W7CE 

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