[AMRadio] Don't blame the users Re: {ADMIN NOTICE TO SELLERS

W2INR w2inr at amfone.net
Fri Feb 29 21:22:58 EST 2008


Most of us here would spend hours trying to figure out which resistor in 
a SP 600 has gone bad. Most here would spend hours learning what all the 
buttons on a new fangled rig do. But we can't figure out how to use this 
system or is it we just don't wish too? We can't copy and paste? It's a 
waste of time? BS!

This reflector is free for all to use. The only cost to everyone is use 
the system we have and follow the rules. How can anyone complain about 
something that is free?

This is a fraternity and to make this site work we all need to be 
flexible to make  the site better. Why not try and help Brian out by 
following the rules and being more flexible?

Brian you have taken the time to offer the AM community a resource. You  
have two options. Spend your time making this resource better or spend 
your time trying to please individual feelings. If you cater to the few 
then the masses will suffer.

One other thought Brian I offer from experience on AMfone. Those that 
have the most to complain about usually have nothing to offer the 
community. No loss.

So now that I have pissed off  most of the whiners I say, shut up , stop 
whining and get a life.

Respectfully G

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