[AMRadio] TBW 800 Hz Power Supply

doxemf at aol.com doxemf at aol.com
Thu Jan 3 01:20:14 EST 2008

Hello Carl,

Bill, KB3DKS here.

 It was I who started the thread on the TBW setup.
  I have the HF transmitter section which is now upended on a table so 
it can be wired up .
   It is a work of art with the output section containing two roller 
inductors, one for final tuning and one for the antenna. I have seen 
smaller rollers in so called 1 kw commercial tuners.

   The Power supply unit is useful if you intend to use the original 
suppressor modulation scheme as it contains the mod transformer and 
small modulator section.
   Otherwise the 800cy power supply itself is useless. A nice matching 
panel that if I didn't already have the proper supplys and plate 
modulator I would be interested in, but if you are close enough to 
western MA for a pickup I would not mind having it myself just to 
complete the set. I have the matching LF transmitter as well but it is 
missing a lot of parts.

  The supply is certainly not necessary to set up the HF unit for use. I 
will be using the original output tube to get it running but may 
convert to an 813 later.  The trick for me now is the rebuild of the 
Meissner 150B supply and mod decks to use with it.

  If you do not get the schematics I will take a try at scanning the 
laminated long one that came in the case.  If you happen to come by the 
actual manual, a copy of some pages would be appreciated since the 
included schematic does not have any voltage readings.

Will be glad to keep you updated on my progress with the transmitter.

Have Fun,
Bill, KB3DKS

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I vaguely remember a thread on here about the TBW Navy transmitter and 
800 cycle power supply.

Since Ive had the complete TX offered to me Im wondering if that PS has 
use at all? Or should I just leave it behind?


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