[AMRadio] TBW 800 Hz Power Supply

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Sounds good to me!
Nice score! Always wanted an ART-13 myself. They are right up there 
with the R-390 as works of mechanical engineering and sound good on the 
air when converted.

  If the original Mil aluminum transit containers are not included your 
shipping cost should be reasonable. The cases for each of the CAY 
units, there are three in the complete set, weigh almost as much as the 
transmitters and power supply themselves. But they would not need any 
packing, just shipping stickers.

  A missing output ? coil could be bothersome since the only coils in 
the HF unit are the roller inductors. In the LF unit there is a very 
large bee hive looking variometer that would be impossible to replace 
but if you need that I could let you have the one from mine. I never 
plan to get the LF unit operational since there are too many small 
parts, tube sockets, resistor mounts, etc missing but the variometer is 
   If a roller ind. is missing from the HF unit it  can be replaced with 
one that is currently available. Maybe not as nice as the original but 
will still work fine. It's a normal linear pitch wound ceramic as in 
most tuners.
   Another part that could be a problem to replace is the special 
antenna/transmit multicontact relay that would need to be replaced with 
a couple relays to have all the functions needed.

  I will take a shot at scanning the schematic and put it up on my 
website for you to look over. It's a very simple transmitter actually.

Nashua is not really much of a drive for me.

Hope to catch you on the air at 75mtrs AM some afternoon. Still need to 
do work on the dipole but not till the snow is off the roof.

Bill, KB3DKS

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Thanks for responding Bill.

Youre more than welcome to the PS for what it will cost me to ship from 
on my UPS business account; it should be quite reasonable. Im in 
Southern NH
near Nashua.

Im getting both TBW TX and an ART-13A that have been in dry storage for 
years; all supposedly unmodified. However one CAY unit is said to have 
"output coil" missing. The person Im dealing with is a non ham and 
out a bunch of stuff for his elderly brother so communications is 
spotty at
best. I may very well be bugging you for help.


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