[AMRadio] TBW 800 Hz Power Supply

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> Carl,
> Sounds good to me!
> Nice score! Always wanted an ART-13 myself. They are right up there with 
> the R-390 as works of mechanical engineering and sound good on the air 
> when converted.

So Ive been told. Its hard to imagine but in 51 years as a ham Ive never 
seen an ART-13 in operation. If this is a virgin Im not sure what approach 
to take.

>  If the original Mil aluminum transit containers are not included your 
> shipping cost should be reasonable.

They werent mentioned.

The cases for each of the CAY
> units, there are three in the complete set, weigh almost as much as the 
> transmitters and power supply themselves. But they would not need any 
> packing, just shipping stickers.
>  A missing output ? coil could be bothersome since the only coils in the 
> HF unit are the roller inductors. In the LF unit there is a very large bee 
> hive looking variometer that would be impossible to replace but if you 
> need that I could let you have the one from mine. I never plan to get the 
> LF unit operational since there are too many small parts, tube sockets, 
> resistor mounts, etc missing but the variometer is intact.

Thanks. Ive some thoughts about getting on 500 Kc with the next round of FCC 

>   If a roller ind. is missing from the HF unit it  can be replaced with 
> one that is currently available. Maybe not as nice as the original but 
> will still work fine. It's a normal linear pitch wound ceramic as in most 
> tuners.

Ive a few here that can handle the power.

>   Another part that could be a problem to replace is the special 
> antenna/transmit multicontact relay that would need to be replaced with a 
> couple relays to have all the functions needed.
>  I will take a shot at scanning the schematic and put it up on my website 
> for you to look over. It's a very simple transmitter actually.

The schematic will be a big help, what Ive found on line so far is mighty 

> Nashua is not really much of a drive for me.
> Hope to catch you on the air at 75mtrs AM some afternoon. Still need to do 
> work on the dipole but not till the snow is off the roof.

All I have up at the moment for the Viking I is a 75M sloper off a tower. My 
other antennas are still all wired into the regular station in the basement. 
All this snow caught me unprepared.


> 73,
> Bill, KB3DKS
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> Thanks for responding Bill.
> Youre more than welcome to the PS for what it will cost me to ship from CA
> on my UPS business account; it should be quite reasonable. Im in Southern 
> NH
> near Nashua.
> Im getting both TBW TX and an ART-13A that have been in dry storage for 
> 40+
> years; all supposedly unmodified. However one CAY unit is said to have an
> "output coil" missing. The person Im dealing with is a non ham and 
> cleaning
> out a bunch of stuff for his elderly brother so communications is spotty 
> at
> best. I may very well be bugging you for help.
> Carl
> KM1H
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