[AMRadio] For Sale Vintage Ham

Bob Peters rwpeters at swbell.net
Sat Jan 5 14:39:39 EST 2008

Hay Don...Did you get my private e mail about wanting the VFO yesterday???
Have not heard back from you...

Bob W1PE

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For Sale Vintage Ham Goodies

Jensen Speechmaster speakers (three). These are 1930s-40s vintage speakers in bullet-shaped housings. They were used by hams instead of matching receiver speakers. Their frequency response is perfect for CW and AM. One of these is natural finish with a weighted teardrop base, another has the weighted base but is a light green powdercoat. The third one is the oldest. Its on a wooden stand and the natural finish grille has some surface rust spots. Also, it has a volume control which I believe is a modification. These are 4 or 8 ohm dynamic speakers. Very cool accessories for the cintage ham shack. $65 for all 3.

Ten-Tec Corsair (the original Corsair with the dark front panel) HF Transceiver with Ten-Tec PS and original manuals. This has one bad pull-out RF power switch. But unles youre planning to run low power, you would never use the switch. Otherwise works fine. With original manuals, hand mic and paperwork. $275

Heathkit SB-630 station console. Matches the 301/401 etc. Beautiful shape and working well--even the clock works. $75

Homebrew 80 meter VFO. Some genius stripped a Heathkit Tener lunchbox and built an 80M VFO on the carcass. The VFO is nicely made using 2 minitature tubes. It works well and is stable. No cabinet. $39

National Rackmount HRO with rack, coil cabinet, power supply and speaker. This is an early pre-war HRO, about 1936. It has 9 Coils: 50-100kc, 100-200kc, 175-400kc, .5-1.0mc, .9-2.0mc, 1.7-4.0mc, 3.5-7.3mc, 7.0-14.4mc,14.0-30mc, with a wooden coil box for 3 coils. This has been repainted with Krylon satin black. The original crackle shows through pretty well and it doesnt look bad at all. The receiver is untested. The speaker was re-coned by Jackson speaker service. The Power supply was restored and tested by me in 2001. This is currently in an Altec PA system rack which is too small to include the power supply. Alternatively, I can supply an open-back black wrinkle desktop rack for it--but it is also too small to hold all the components. With 
Original of newer HRO manual and Photocopy of older style.
            4-58 or 6D6
            3-57 OR 6C6
            1-2B7 OR 6B7
            1-2A5 OR 42
$400 complete with all coils and coil box.

Heathkit HO-10 monitor scope parts unit. Power transformer has been removed. Otherwise complete. Scratches on cabinet. $35

73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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