[AMRadio] RG-6 Coax

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Sat Jan 5 21:16:55 EST 2008

You are correct but I wouldn't consider using it for transmitting on any 
radio with power more than about 25 watts.

The original RG 6 was made well but today finding a consistent quality 
cable is almost impossible unless you buy the best US specified brand, 
which is almost as expensive as LMR type cable.

Even then, you are taking a chance if you try to put much over 25 watts 
into it.


>I believe it's in the neighborhoon of 72 ohms. Typical video cable.

>> Does anyone know off hand the impedance of RG-6?  I was given a 
>> hundred feet
>> or so I'd like to use with my UHF antennas, but the cable guy didn't 
>> know
>> the impedance.  Google showed some specs, but I gave up before I got 
>> the
>> impedance.
>> Thanks,
>> Rick/K5IAR

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