[AMRadio] test equipment for sale

Edward B Richards zuu6k at juno.com
Sun Jan 6 11:30:14 EST 2008

Hi all;

It is time to reduce the amount of stuff my widow would have to dispose
of upon my demise.  Everything works as it should and pictures are
available upon request. All prices are plus S&H. Thank you.

Ed Richards, Zip 93065,  Zuu6k at juno.com 

1. General Radiotelephone 615B Watt, SWR, RFS meter                      
2. Heathkit HM-10A grid dip meter (Tunnel Dipprer)                       
3. Hitachi V-1560 100 mc dual trace oscilloscope  w/manual               
4. Systron Donner 6152A frequency counter / timer  w/manual              
5. Test speaker, 4-8-500 ohms.                                           
6. Micronta 22-185A digital multimeter                                   
7. Heathkit IB-5281 RLC bridge with test leads and original manual batt
or AC         $25.00
8. Heathkit IPA-5280-1 power supply for above meter and others  w/manual 
           $ 10.00
9. Heathkit SG-8 signal generator                                        
10. Hickok 6000A tube tester  w/supplementary charts                     
11. Sylvania 220 tube tester                                             
12. (NAVY) SG-85 / URM-25D signal generator with cable, pad              

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