[AMRadio] RG-6 Coax

Rick Brashear rsbtexas at gmail.com
Sun Jan 6 14:07:19 EST 2008

Thanks Jim.  It doesn't have a number on it that I have found, so it may not
be usable for my intentions.

Thanks for the tip...  By the way, I still can't see my original post to
this list since I switched to gmail.  I could always see it before.  I
checked all the settings at mailman and it should be good to go.  I probably
have something wrong in my gmail account.


>From the Belden site:

RG-6/U Type 1532A 6.20 Belden 1/.040? CCS GIFPE DBII/90% AL PE .024 75 
16.2 -55 to +80 300

The last number in that list is the voltage rating of Belden RG 6 U for 
burial type.  So if you run a KW that means your voltage is near 265 
volts.  This is fine provided you have a good match.

What I am saying is that not all RG 6 is as good quality so one must be 
careful.  I have seen some  RG 6 that I wouldn't put more than 25 watts 
into because of the construction.  This is particularly true of foam 
filled.  It melts at a lower temperature than PE.  Usually the drop 
cable used by CATV people is much better.


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