[AMRadio] For Sale Vintage Ham Miscellaneous

Don Merz n3rht at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 7 19:36:36 EST 2008

Homebrew PP 809 RF amplifier of some sort (breadboard style built on a parts cabinet drawer) with some junky plugin coils. 809 driving 2 PP 809s. Untested. One of the 809s has no plate cap. Has Kenyon filament transformer. $35

Military SB-2244/UG Communication Patching Panel. Small patch panel box with red face designed for connecting encryption gear with Teletype gear. Pferfect for interconnection chores in the teletype shack. Excellent, like new, working perfectly. With manual photocopy from Hawkins on BA list. $55

Dovetron MPC-1000CR/T II Regenerative Tempest RTTY Terminal Unit. Probably one of the better RTTY TU’s ever made. Mark and space frequencies separately selectable in the range 1000-2975. Clasy LED scope-style tuning indicator. A fine machine. Good cosmetic condition, more or less. Some scrapes. Shiny aluminum centers have fallen off of some of the knobs. Has bad rack rash at the rack mount holes. Working as designed. Rackmount, black face, 3.5 inches high. I think I have the docs for this on CD. All solid state. $75

HEADPHONES: $15 each. These are all in excellent original condition unles noted otherwise. 
Military WWII R14 with leather headband, zip cord, 1/4" phone plug.
  Working. 2K4K ohms. Need ear cushions. With PL054R plug and JJ026 to 
  PJ055B plug extension cord.
Western Electric 509W with cloth headband, cloth cord and pin jacks.
  Working very well. 2K4K ohms. Excellent. 
Military CW49023 with leather headband, cloth cord and pin jacks.
  This is a Western Electric 528 headphone set. 6001K ohms. 
  Working well. Excellent.
Nathaniel Baldwin with cloth headband, cloth cord and pin jacks.
  Beautiful lateteens, early20's headset. 2K4K ohms. Working great.
Nathaniel Baldwin with cloth headband, cloth cord and pin jacks.
  Beautiful lateteens, early20's headset. 2K4K ohms. Working great.
Nathaniel Baldwin "Type C" with cloth headband, cloth cord and 1/4" phone
  plug. Lateteens, early20's headset. 2K4K ohms. Working great. Cloth 
  headband is deteriorating. Cloth cord has unravelled in spots. Good.
Murdock Radio Special with cloth headband, cloth cord and pin jacks.
  Nice looking set though cloth cord is fraying a bit. Marked "1500"
  which I think means 1500 ohms. Unworking but I didn't try real hard.
Military H216/U headset with NAF484901 chamois ear cushions and 
  leather headband. 1961 contract date by PAX Elect. Co. with PL054R 
  plug and JJ026 to PJ055B plug extension cord. Ear cushions are 
Military ANBH1 headset made by Shure Brother with HB7 leather
  headband. Has chamois ear cushions in nice shape. PJ055B plug.
SECO Spielman Electroc Co. headphones with cloth head band, cloth
   cord and pin jacks. Like new.
"WLS Special Headset 3000 Ohms." These have a cloth headband and cord 
  that terminates in pin jacks. From Sears ("World's Largest Store").
Frost Radio Mutiple-Headphone Adapter. This is a wooden box with 1 ¼” phone
  plug on a cloth cord and 4 ¼” phone plugs mounted on a bakelite cover. With metal
  Frost tag. A nice, unique accessory.
Nathaniel Baldwin "Type N-2" with cloth headband, cloth cord and 1/4" phone
  Plug (adapter on pin-jacks). Lateteens, early20's headset. 2K4K ohms. Untested.
  Cloth Headband and cloth cord are excellent.

Military Headset Adapter MC385C "High to low impedance for use with  HS33 or HS38." Made by The Rola Company under contract 46DAY44. $10

2 Triad N-55M isolation transformers. Like new. Probably take a couple amps. $20 each. 

General Radio W10MT3 Variac Autotransformer 0-140V, 10A. Near-mint. The finest example of the breed ever made. Comes with original copy of General Radio “Handbook of Voltage Control With The Variac Autotransformer.” This little treasure is a 40-page booklet published in 1963 by General Radio Company which "designed, patented, introduced and manufactured" the Variac sometime around 1933. It is in an 8.5 x x11 format. The booklet contains 12 pages on Theory and Principles, 19 pages on circuits using Variacs and 8 pages on specific Variac applications. All the GR Variac models are discussed in detail including connection diagrams and so forth. One section shows how to use Variacs in series and parallel applications (with the use of a choke to prevent current oscillation when the 2 Variacs' brushes are not perfectly synchronized). Motor-driven Variacs are also discussed. In short, this may be all you ever wanted to know (and then some) about the mighty
 Variac. $150 for W10MT3 Variac with original GR booklet.

I have 2 reprint-quality copies of the GR booklet also available for $10.50 each PPD.

Military PP4763/GRC 24-26VDC, 50 AMP Regulated Power Supply, Runs a complete  command set rig without a hiccup. Contract DAA80767C0637, Christie Electronic Corporation, Selfcontained supply in ventilated cabinet. 140 pounds. Decent cosmetic condtion and good working condition. With 2 Original TM 11582076512 manuals plus Christie Service Manual copy. All solid-state. $139

UTC Beam Power Audio Amplifier. This was sold as a kit about 1940. Uses 2 6L6’s in the final to deliver 35 to 55 watts out. Fixed bias using 22.5V battery. Used as speech amp for old rig modulator. Power supply on separate chassis. Untested and as-is. $149
Autek QF-1A Audio Filter. Nice shape. $25

Military ME-440/USM-381 Voltmeter,  Large, portable voltmeter with built-in probes for measuring up to 6000V. Probes and accessories in lid. Looks very good. Untested and as-is. All solid state. $35

Hickok 752A Tube Tester. Workbench radio/TV/communications tube tester in leatherette case w/handle. Mutual conductance type. Tests all tubes from 4pin thru nuvistor. Great features like tests VR tubes and can test both halves of dual types without changing switch settings. Tests many transmitting tube types. One of the last Hickok tube testers made and one of the best. With Socket savers. Forway B-238 VHF transmitting tube test adapter--Plugs into octal socket. Accepts 7-pin tubes with 1 fat pin and  6 normal pins. Has clips to both grid and plate pins. Fits 826 tube and other VHF tube types. Also includes grid and plate clips plus 2 tube pullers. Front panel is excellent. Case is just fair with many scrapes and gouges. Working perfectly. Manual copy with several tube charts covering just about everything. 83 tube was replaced with a new one in January, 2004. This is one of the last of the breed. It incorporates everything that Hickok learned about tube
 testing by 1970. Exceptional chart set covers a huge selection of tubes. $650

W3QNI Variable DC Load. This is a homebrew DC load for up to 2500V at up to 300ma. Was designed to use 2 211 tubes in parallel but no tubes are in it (go figure). Open-top chassis with the works exposed. With magazine article on variable DC loads.  $15
Palomar Tuner-Tuner: 1987-vintage solid state device for pre-setting  antenna tuner settings without transmitting. Covers 0-100mhz. Excellent looking and working. I think I have the original manual. $27

Homebrew Antenna Impedance Meter. Great homebrew project in slant-front black wrinkle cabinet. Has National dial Connected to a pair of capacitors geared together so that as one adds capacity, the other removes it. The idea is to check for a null on the tiny meter. With SO-239 connewctors for input and load. Beautifully built with no expense spared. Dial is marked from 10 ohms to 470 ohms. Dirty but will clean up to excellent. Untested but probably working fine. $14

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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